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Leadership Strategist, Counselor, Spark.
Since 2005.
Ich bin erst zufrieden, wenn ich begeistert bin.
ralf schwartz

lead/marke: Innovation & Value Creation!
lead/marke develops and co/creates distinctive business models, markets, brands and products for corporations and start-ups.


Digitalization, the web, and mobility maximize human's individuality, independence & impatience with unprecedented power and pace.

New consumers call for innovative playing fields (markets), new rules (business models), and new players adding innovative thinking (leadership).

New entrepreneurs create revolutionary, skyrocketing business models and markets, products and services
- unmatched by traditional managers, brands, and businesses.


The corporate minds must finally outgrow themselves! To add value to the corporation again they will have to create true solutions, virtues & values for the individual again:

lead/marke develops distinctive business models, markets, brands for/with corporations, agencies, start-ups by creating Informal Markets and Reciprocal Monopolistic Moments.

Intuitive: Plug.Play.Win-Win!
Unique: Informal Markets Matrix.
Best Practice: Reciprocal Monopolistic Moments.

Via Distinctive Leadership you grow more ...
efficient, productive, individual, intuitive, empathic, effective,
creative, innovative, visionary, happy, inspiring, engaging,
relevant, distinctive, valuable, ... sustainably successful.

Your Investment?

Just give me a call! Let us talk about your needs:

Individually tailored lead/marke projects

Best Practice 'Awake! Grow! Inspire!' Process (15 days)

longterm projects or full-time permanence

All investments plus expenses and VAT. Thank you.

email : ralf.schwartz at rsc.cc
phone : +49 (0)170 / 20 20 701

Distinctive Leadership Manifesto - 2005

I would like us to stop making sense.
I would like us to make a difference finally.

I would like us to outgrow ourselves and inspire the
world - for the good, benefit, and wealth of
our surroundings and ourselves, ie:

I would like us to grow courageously independent and
perfect our individual talents and vision. I would like us to
take ourselves seriously - but not all-too important.

I would like us to become a spark - and leave a mark.

I would like us to value brilliance over instant gratification.
I would like us to curiously question everything
- instead of knowing all the answers.
I would like us to long for knowledge in abundance.

I would like us to make ourselves truly redundant.

I would like us to grow relevant. I would like us to
stop surfing every fad we stumble upon. I would like us to
stop looking for distractions, but to wisely create solutions.

I would like us to intuitively live Distinctive Leadership
- as an Individual, a Brand, or a Business.
[Outgrow Yourself, Inspire the World!]

> What Difference Do You Make?
> What Value Do You Create?
> Why would anybody Miss You?

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